Sea Menagerie Scented Candle

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Add to your coastal decor with a luxurious beachy candle

Our luxury scented candle comes in a gorgeous 11oz glass jar featuring our carefully curated sea menagerie artwork. A colorful array of ocean of creatures — including octopus, dolphin, turtle, and blackfin tuna — swim gracefully in our 360 degree, wrap-around under-the-sea print. The candle has two cotton-cored wicks and a burn-time of approximately 65 hours. Bonus: After your amazing aromatherapy experience is complete, you can use this unique jar as a glass or vase!

Luxury candle scents

Our candle is Phthalate and Lead–free and made in the USA with 100% food-grade soy wax and essential oils. Choose between three relaxing scents: The White Tea & Fig, The Lavender & Sage, The Ocean Mist & Moss:

  • Minted Lavender & Sage has hints of sea salt and green apple paired with lavender, white sage, and mint. It also has notes of sea moss, warm sand, and driftwood.
  • White Tea & Fig has hints of juicy citrus that are paired with the green floral notes of fresh and peaceful white and green tea. The scent is finished off with the sophisticated essence of sweet fig.
  • Ocean Mist & Moss smells like a vacation! The scent of turquoise crashing waves and soft grains of sand create peace and calm. With notes of golden lilies and tea-like coral, and a cloud-like musk, and a soft mossy finish.

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